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Aerial Athletics Dallas

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Carrollton, TX 75006

Welcome I'm glad you're here!

Aerial Athletics Dallas (AAD), powered by @entertainmentgoddess, (that’s me!) is home to FlexyFit, Aerial Ashletes, Aerial Ambition, Slay the Stage and everyBODY Pole + Aerial Teacher Training. Each of these represents an area of life and business that I am passionate about, and allows me to fulfill those passions while helping others reach their goals. Problem solving, creative business and nerding out about the body are my jam and I’m lucky that I can work in an creative intersection that allows me to combine all three. My goal is to help movement practitioners of all types and apparatuses reach their movement goals on the ground, in the air and in business.


My Commitment Results based training with no shortcuts and endless gains!

Safety & Technique

I’m big on safety and technique y’all! I approach movement based on each individual body’s needs, movement ability and limitations. There’s strong emphasis on safety, which means no jumping, no kicking and mastering those basics.

Movement Mastery

After a lot of failing and a lot of learning, the most important lesson is that each person must learn to master their own body and their own movement. I don’t focus on tricks, we focus on movement mastery that allows you to get the trick!


Movement isn’t one size fits all, and teaching shouldn’t be either. I see each individual body as just that, one  individual’s body. everyBODY is my personal and professional mission, dedicated to body inclusivity and comprehensive coaching of ALL body types.  

FlexyFit Flexibility and Fitness for everyBODY!

Aerial Ashletes Customized Competition and Personal Training for Pole Dancers and Aerialists

Slay the Stage DFW's First Collaborative Community Show!

everyBODY Body Inclusive Teacher Training

Aerial Ambition Creative Business Coaching for Movement-based Businesses and Soloprenuers